We hope that you will enjoy your last year at Somerville and that you will give your best effort in all you do, as this will ensure that you get the most out of your education at Somerville! Our school is a very busy place, as you will no doubt have realised by now, and it really is up to each of you to make the most of the many opportunities available to you.


In Year 8, all students get the opportunity to delve deeper into the 3 or 4 of the 8 Technology and Specialist areas.  All students spend one term covering the two specialist science programmes, then they have two terms where they can spend a full term in a specialist/technology programme they enjoy.  The final term gives them two shorter half-term programmes in other areas they have enjoyed.


As in Year 7, all Year 8 students are involved in a whanau inquiry.  This learning is created around a ‘universal concept’ such as power, change, structure and conflict.  Students then explore this concept deeply and critically and from multiple perspectives.  This learning is integrated across the curriculum using a transdisciplinary approach that enables students to see connections between subjects.


One of the highlights for Year 8 students is the EOTC  during the year.  These experiences are designed to foster collaboration, problem solving and resilience.  They are  always well received by students and support them to get to know their new classmates and teachers better. 


Students participate in School swimming sports day and school athletics day.  Both these days are used not only to celebrate and challenge our young athletes but are also a lot of FUN!   Over the course of the year our students have the opportunity to receive specialist physical education lessons as we are fortunate to have a physical education specialist teacher. We also include lessons from outside experts.  These include table tennis, rowing, badminton, squash and many others.   Throughout the year a variety of sports opportunities are available for students. These include rugby, netball, cross country, water polo, hockey, softball, cricket, squash and a range of other sports. All in all a great range of opportunities – GO FOR IT AND HAVE FUN!


Our students benefit from interesting and unique visitors.  This connection with other outside groups and community programmes helps our students see the greater world around them,  Some examples are groups such as the “Attitude” group, The Ugly Shakespeare Company, New Zealand writer/authors even the National Army Museum who visit the school in Term 2 to present a range of interactive experiences aimed at building an understanding of life during WW1.


Term 3 sees students delivering speeches with school winners competing in the South Eastern Zone finals.  Students are able to choose between traditional speeches, spoken word (poetry), rap and a flash talk (using images to complement oral communication).


This year we will be having an Arts and Cultural Evening where different performing arts and cultural groups will be on show.  There will also be a further opportunity for the kapa haka group to perform at a local hui.


In Term 4 each whānau hosts an end of year celebration evening during which they share the learning and learning experiences that they have been involved in throughout the year. This is also the term during which we have our school athletics day,  the school prize giving ceremonies, our Year 8 Graduation Dance as well as the Big Day Out.