Syndicate Members

Room 5: Tracy McHatton (Lead Teacher)

Room 6: Mark Barlow

Room 1: Susan Naylor

Room 2: Frances Viljoen

Syndicate Goal

Our aim in Syndicate D is develop an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance of others. School should be a place where everyone feels safe, valued and are a part of the experience together. Helping students to understand themselves as learners and accept differences and abilities in others is a vital part of this dynamic.


We want to develop students who are curious, and have the skills to question the world around them and challenge themselves to strive further, all the while becoming more resilient and independent in their learning.


Our teachers and students will work collaboratively to achieve this goal utilising our digital tools, our collective expertise and the strengths from the community around us.

ALJ Synopsis

How do we shape our future?

The future is something we can never predict with absolute certainty.


How do we make decisions about the future?
How do we know what shape it will take?
How do we know what shape WE will take??


This year we will unpack how our present has been shaped by the past, by those that have gone before us. We will look at how WE may be shaping the future with our actions now, and looking ahead to the future. How can WE be part of shaping the future we want to see, both for ourselves, and the world around us?


As each generation does, our children will grow up to shape the world!!