Syndicate Members

Room 29: Mallory Morris (Lead Teacher)

Room 28: David Acton

Room 30: Joey Chong

Room 31: Louise Conolly

Syndicate Goal


Syndicate C aims to develop a connected, collaborative and creative environment for students and teachers to teach, learn and grow in.


Students are growing up in an increasingly diverse and complex world and we aim to help students become savvy navigators who are able to take the lead in their own learning journeys. Digital tools will be integrated into our teaching and learning in appropriate and exciting ways that allow students to not only connect with each other but with our wider local, and global community.


We also see self discovery and mindfulness as important part of our student’s experience. We want students to feel secure, considered and confident in their opportunities for academic and social growth while also being opened up to new ideas and ways of learning.

ALJ Synopsis

 What difference can I make?


They say our deeds are our monuments, so our ALJ aims to encourage students to think critically about what has come before their time, the current state of our school/community/world and consider how they could make a difference for the future.


We will examine the history of New Zealand, through the lens of war, and consider how decisions and actions taken before our time created the world we live in. We will learn about, and from, scientists, explorers and inquisitive minds who used these times of action to bring about change through creation and innovation. We will also consider how these creations/innovations may impact (positively or negatively) on our future. Our year will culminate in an opportunity for students to explore their own passions and make positive social change through rich tasks, allowing students to see that they can be the difference they want to see in the world.