Your financial contribution

The Board of Trustees requests parents make a financial contribution at the beginning of each year. These funds enable the purchase of sports equipment, additional library books and information technology equipment, along with other items for the benefit of students.


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Donations for 2020

This year the Board of Trustees have set the donation at $335.00. Requests for donations are sent early in the school year and a receipt will be issued for tax purposes.

School magazine

The school magazine is a separate cost of $25.00 and payment is required before the end of Term 3, to ensure your child receives a copy at the end of the school year. Our school magazine in 2020 will be published in full colour.


Activities that are directly related to the curriculum at our school (such as the Safekids first aid training and school swimming sports) are covered by the donation. These activities are a direct cost to the school and all students participate.


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Other activities will take place from time to time for example, sports team trips, Year 8 EOTC Day, Year 7 Camp fees and fundraising events, which will be charged separately. You will be notified in advance of the upcoming activities and whether they are included in the fee. Please note that in the event of non-payment, your child may be excluded from the activity.


While the school would prefer to receive the total contribution in one lump sum, if you would like to make arrangements to pay in instalments, we welcome your approach to set this up.


You may send your payment to school with your child in a sealed envelope with the child's name, room number and what the payment is for on the outside of the envelope. Please ask your child to hand this to the class teacher. Alternatively, payment can be made via cheque, eftpos or the internet; bank account 030166 0303466 00 Westpac, Howick. Please ensure your child's name and room number are included in our reference details. A receipt will be issued on payment for tax purposes.


Thank you for your support.