On 23 and 24 September, the Somerville Intermediate School Chess Team comprising of Daqi M, Arush G, Tracy T, Grishma K and Anson Li, competed in the National Inter School Chess Championships Final, held at Saint Kentigern College. 
This was the largest chess event of the year, as schools from all over the country participated.

After two days of brain-frying chess, the team got a fantastic second place out of many of the best chess teams in the country! Daqi M also received a remarkable gold medal for first in Board One. 

The team finished with five wins, one draw, and one loss.

The individual results are as follows: 
Daqi M: 7/7, First Board One
Arush G: 5½/7
Tracy T: 3½/7
Grishma K: 2/4
Anson L: 2/3