On Wednesday 3 May, eight students competed at the morning Auckland heat for the annual Kids’ Lit Quiz, held at St Cuthbert’s College. 

Thank you to Amber, Coralie, Ascari, Sophie, Rylee, Kevinjeet, Skylar and Anahita, who represented the school with their extensive knowledge of children’s literature.

The Somerville team thoroughly enjoyed the event organised by quizmaster extraordinaire Wayne Mills. Over 50 teams competed. and there were ten themed rounds to the quiz. Interesting categories included Pies, Controversial Books, Baldness and Fruit.

Our team worked well together and are to be congratulated for all of their hard work preparing for the event. They trained weekly at morning intervals and read as much as they could in their spare time. A thank you to AJ and Hannah who were unable to attend on the day, but still underwent all the training, and also a thank you to Mrs van Diepen for her support on the day.