On Monday 28 June, Somerville Intermediate celebrated Matariki, The Maori New Year.

There was a build up to this with a range of activities being offered at school. This included classes exploring Matariki and all that was involved in bringing in the New Year. As a result, some classes focused on goal setting which gave their students an opportunity to reset their intentions for the new year. 

The fun aspect was researching and designing a kite to fly at school. We were pleased that our children got into the spirit as there were some amazing creations, with maori patterns and images.  A lot of learning took place as children decided on what materials they would use, giving thought as to how these would impact the kite’s ability to fly, as well as how much these materials would cost. 

Great attempts were made to get the kites up into the sky during the morning, but unfortunately there was no wind. With perseverance comes reward, and it was heartwarming to see the glee on children’s faces as they managed to fly their kites later in the day.