Over the last two terms we have had huge productivity in preparation for the wearable arts events that Somerville are entering this year.

On the 24th June we entered 21 garments into the Manukau Beautification Awards held at the Vodafone Events Centre. This is the fourth successive year that Somerville has entered garments. This year we have had huge interest from across the school to be involved in showcasing their creative talents in this way.


The night was enjoyed by all designers and models as they showcased their creations.

The Primary and Intermediate section of the awards was awash with talent and the judges commented on the high calibre and thoughtful ways the students had met the briefs of the judging criteria. Ella Haschick and Samantha Hall took home a Merit for the thoughtful construction of their wings based on the albatross bird and its impressive wingspan.


A special thanks to all students and parents for their commitment to their garments and this event. We look forward to the Showquest event where we have an impressive 32 garments entered.