The Somerville gymnastics team competed at the South Eastern Zone competition on Friday 11 June, coming home with some fantastic results.

The three year 7 girls teams and three year 8 girls teams competed in the morning in the twisters division, with our boys team and three individual gymnasts competing in the afternoon. 

It was an extremely competitive event with some really talented gymnasts giving it their all out there. We had some awesome support from our Somerville team, as well as our amazing parents. A special mention has to be made to Kirsten van Asten and Lorraine Nicholls, who helped and shared their expertise with the team. 

In the teams' twisters division, we came home with our Year 7 blue team (Olivia Thomas, Lara van Beerendonk, Lucia White and Kayla Ellwood) and Year 8 green team (Lucija Unkovich-Smith, Ayaan Lambat and Jayni Patel) placing 3rd overall, our boys' team (Nathan Leach, Matthew Gouws and Nicholas Fahey) placing 2nd overall and our Year 8 blue team (Mia van Asten, Maia Panton, Sienna Hands and Tamsin Low) placing 1st overall! From this group, Olivia Thomas also placed 2nd individually in the year 7 girls, Lucija Unkovich-Smith placed 3rd overall, Sienna Hands placed 2nd overall and Mia van Asten placed 1st overall in the Year 8 girls, and finally, Matthew Gouws placed 4th overall, with Nathan Leach placing 1st overall in the boys division. In the Open competition, all three of our gymnasts placed in the top 3. Louis Zhao and Abby van Beerendonk placed 2nd, with Chelsea Brennan placing 1st! 

All of the gymnasts mentioned above will move forward to represent Somerville in the Auckland Champs competition in Term 3. What an excellent result - congratulations to you all!