On Friday, November 29th, six Enviro leaders and Mr Read, took part in an Enviroschools celebration day.

The event was organised by the Auckland City Council to acknowledge schools who had achieved Bronze, Silver of Green-Gold status.


Each school set up displays which documented their Enviroschool journey. It was interesting viewing the great work each school has done.


Every good celebration involves food and the students enjoyed a healthy and generous morning tea. After this, the formal part of the day commenced. Each successful school was acknowledged and presented with their framed certificates. Somerville Intermediate was proud to be presented with our Bronze status certificate.


A lot of work has gone into sustainability education at Somerville Intermediate this year. We were awarded Bronze status in only one year, where usually it takes two. The reason for our success was because students, teachers, staff and community worked as a team. Sustainability education was incorporated into Authentic learning journeys and tech-spec programmes. STEAM week had a sustainability theme and our dedicated group of student Enviro leaders met each week to work on new initiatives and learning.


We would like to thank the parent community for your support this year with what we’ve been working on. You can be very proud of the students and staff who worked hard to think and act sustainably. We are all bubbling with ideas about where to next. One thing we’re sure of, it’s only the beginning.