On Friday 1st November the Boys, Girls and Mixed Teams all went to Lloyd Elsmore Park to compete in the South Eastern Zones Touch Tournament.

Mixed Team
The mixed team was made up of Logan Besley, Cassidy Meleisea, Josh Gagiano, Tyler Gagiano, Ryan Collett, Connor Boulton, Chloe Overend, Shayla Nepia, Rochelle Christie, Demi Morris, Addison Doeg and Helena Dunn.

In our first game, the mixed team came out strong with a 6-0 win against Mission Heights. Following on from this win, the team were fired up and had a second very confident win 7-0 against the team from Elim. This team worked on their skills, figured out gaps they had and what they needed to work on, and played an incredible tight, well oiled game against Ormiston which ended in a 10-0 victory. After these first three games, the team were feeling confident, but knew the next two games against Howick Intermediate and BBI, our local rivals, were going to be tough ones. They fought hard and played extremely well together to get a very tight 3-2 win against Howick. The final game for the pool play was against BBI, which would decide our place in the finals. We unfortunately lost against BBI, but due to our previous wins we were through to the first/second final. The final was extremely tough, we had a couple of injuries, and in the end unfortunately lost.

The mixed team ended the tournament with a very respectable 2nd place overall.




Girls Team
The girls team was made up of: Jonelle Puletiuatoa, Alex Tucker, Katie Oliver, Eden Mika, Maddy Lum-on, Brooke Prescott, Mia Petford, Isabella Hintze, Olivia Taylor, Danielle Asiata, Charlie Lindsay and Madison Sanele.

The girls team had a day of mixed results, facing some tough competition. The day began with 2 losses to St Kents and Sancta Maria. We then had a solid 3-2 win against Redoubt North, and a draw against Howick. The girls progressed to the 3rd/4th playoff against Redoubt North, in the end finishing off 4th after a tough battle.

Over the day the girls improved and developed immensely. This was shown in their teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the field. unnamed

Boys Team

The boys team was made up of: Preston Field, Andrew Clark, Gary Basson, Kaiden Warren, Spencer Carr, Kodie Nicol, JD Bell, Brooklyn Pardoe, Keegan O’Reilly, Sam Read and Killian Armstrong.

The boys team started the competition with a bye because a school pulled out on the day. They won all of the rest of their pool games which were against Sancta Maria, Redoubt North, Howick Intermediate and Bucklands Beach Intermediate. The boys showed a wide range of skills to overcome their opposition and headed into the final undefeated.

The boys won their final game against Sancta Maria. This meant that they ended the competition in First Place for South Eastern Zones, and through to the Auckland Champs! A special mention is deserved to Preston Field for his excellent leadership on the day. He captained the team well, demonstrating good sportsmanship and respect for all involved.
Reported by: Mr Stuart Read

An extremely impressive effort from all players, and some great sportsmanship shown during the tournament. Well done to all members of all three teams, and good luck to the boys at Auckland Champs!


Boys Touch