Sport Opportunites

At Somerville, we believe that physical education and sport are important to physical well-being and the development of healthy attitudes towards co-operation and competition. We offer students the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical activities that fall into five general categories:


15 minutes three times a week. Activities include aerobics, running, walking and relay games designed to get all students involved and improve stamina, flexibility and agility.20150721 SIS Prospectus Shoot LAL 00062

Classroom PE:

A 45 minute period each week to teach the skills students require to participate in sport, games and activities.

Year Level and Whole Whānau Sport:

A 90 minute period each week when the group of classes meet for co-operative games and competition. Students can put the skills they have learnt into practice.

Lunchtime Sport:

Interclass competitions are organised throughout the term. A variety of minor games are played and the emphasis is on participation of all class members and healthy competition.

South Eastern Zone Competition:

 The selection process for teams poses some challenges. It is not uncommon to have over 100 students wanting to trial for teams, however, numbers are restricted by the number of teams we are allowed to send through to each competition. Teachers/coaches make the final selections to send our school's strongest teams. Last year we had over 500 students representing our school at the South Eastern Zone competitions.


All major codes are included as well as many other sports such as equestrian, sailing, table tennis, golf etc. In order to offer more opportunities for the students, we are keen to involve parents (and others) coaching/managing teams. If you can help out at some time this year with your favourite sport, please contact the school office, phone 535 1070.


Trials for all South Eastern Zone competitions are advertised in the school's 'Daily Notices'. It is important that your child checks these notices each day for information regarding this competitions.