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Maths Buddy @SIS

Maths Buddy allows the student to learn from an excellent teacher, with the powerful help of sight and sound, a super effective combination where improvement can be made for each student and support the student learning needs in maths: visit Math Buddy website


At the beginning of each year we ask the parents / caregivers to pay $24.00 for the 'Maths Buddy' resource. It is part of the initial stationery requirements.

Read more under "Your Stationery"

Benefits of Maths Buddy

  • Gives student the freedom to study without stress, at home, in their own time, at their own pace.
  • Students can catch up on lessons they missed or concepts they have not fully understood.
  • Because maths concepts build upon each other, sometimes it's necessary for students to go back and revise a particular concept before moving on to a new topic, this can be done as every student has access to the entire Year 1 to 13 program curriculum.
  • Students can preview lessons at home before they take them at school.
  • Students can gain understanding and confidence especially in areas where they struggled previously.
  • Students can complete the worksheets and interactive questions to test their understanding. All of their results are recorded so that their progress can easily be seen.