Year 7:

Year 7 students have a maximum of ten lessons (1 hour 20 minutes each) over a five week period.

Year 8:

Year 8 students have a maximum of 15 lessons (1 hour 45 minutes each) over a term.

Students have the opportunity to experience visual arts within all four strands of the arts curriculum.

Main key competency focus

Participating and contributing (group work), managing self (practical preparation and individual pieces of art), languages/symbols/text and thinking.


Most classes will work on a different piece of art relating where practical to their ALJ's.
Year 7's focus is mainly on the art element of COLOUR but including the other elements where possible. Year 8's is usually ceramics looking at the art elements of SHAPE and PATTERN and again the other elements where possible.


It is not just the art content that is important, but students must be able to learn how to learn, how to think and to learn some important skills that they can carry over to all parts of life. As Kent Sidel said, "Art helps students develop key 'habits of mind' that include: higher order thinking, creativity, critical thinking and the ability to pose and solve problems, self-discipline and self confidence. These skills are necessary for success in art and once learnt can translate to success in areas of school and life."


My goal is to create a classroom that is a safe haven; where students can feel free to learn, be themselves and to be able to express that through art.