"Creativity is contagious, pass it on." Albert Einstein

Dance and drama at Somerville Intermediate in Year 7 and 8 provides a creative environment where students can develop their technique and confidence. Students at Somerville Intermediate will have the opportunity to explore the Samoan Sasa, South African Gumboot dance, musical theatre, greek drama, improvisation and much more. There will be many co-curricular dance and drama activities throughout the year that students can be involved in.


Student Reflections

"My experience of dance and drama this year has been awesome! I love that dance and drama isn't just individual, it's team work."

"I enjoyed doing the Samoan Sasa as it was something new to me"

"I loved choreographing my own dance and performing as I gained more confidence and courage."

"Dance is a fun way to express yourself and your emotions. I've always thought dance and drama wasn't a part of me but now I've learnt that it is for everybody."


Auditions Moana Somerville 2023



For all new Somerville students and new year 7 students.
Week 4 Starting Monday 20 Feb going all week at lunchtimes 12:30-1:20
Students will be assigned days.

Where: All Auditions will be held in the D&D room at Somerville Intermediate School. Students should come to the hall and sit down to wait for their group call up. All students who are interested in being a lead part or supporting role (Leads: Moana, Maui, Chief Ancestors, Chief Tui, Gramma Tala, Hei Hei, Pua, Sina) Tamatoa) have to attend singing, dancing and acting auditions.


Supporting roles (Fisher 1&2, Gate Monster, Te Ka, Te Fiti, Villagers 1-6)

Ensemble parts are required to attend dancing auditions.

  • Ancestor ensemble (Contemporary style dance )
  • Ocean ensemble (Contemporary style dance/ Some Chinese long fan dance)
  • Villagers (Pacific dancers, weavers, fishers)
  • Maui ensemble (Pacifica style dance.)
  • Monster ensemble (K,Pop style dance)
  • Shiny ensemble 

Audition 1 Singing Information

Dates: Monday 20 Feb, Tuesday 21 February

Time: 12:30-1:20

Who: Yr 7 2023 Somerville Students


Students can prepare any of the following audition songs at home. They will be singing individually and in groups or pairs on microphones.

A reminder singing, dancing and acting are part of the production you don't have to have any pre-existing skills just a positive attitude! It will be easy!


Audition 2 Script  Reading Information

Date: Wednesday 22 Feb Lead and supporting roles


Students will be grouped together to read parts from the script. We will have hard copies available for students on the day.


Link to scripts for auditions. Click on the link. Click on the right tab ‘Audition central’ . Get familiar with all the parts (Or choose one character from the first ‘Moana’ script and focus on learning that). We want to see your best acting skills if you are going for a lead role.

Ensemble groups (Singing/ dancing ) do not need to do script reading, just dancing. 

We will mostly use the first Moana script. 

Moana, Maui, Chief Ancestors (1-3)  Gramma Tala, Chief Tui, SinaPua,  HeiHei, Tamatoa, Ensemble


Audition 3 Dancing

Lead actors, supporting and ensemble. 


Date: Thursday 23 Feb, Friday 24 Feb. 

Time: 12:30-1:20 onwards

Who: Yr 7 2023 Somerville Students


We would like all students who would like to be in the ensemble cast of Moana to complete the dance audition. Please learn the easy dance. We will play the video during the audition. If you would like to be in one of our special dance groups try learning the harder dance option and we will give you the option to show us your skills at the audition. 


Links to dance warm up for audition


Easy option: Practice this How far I’ll go. 

More able dancers: Practice this