Min Soo from Korea


 "I am enjoying my time at Somerville Intermediate School. It is very different from Korea. We do lots of extra activities in New Zealand like our Technology classes and Physical Education. I have extra lessons in mathematics and English. I play basketball on Wednesdays at Howick College."

- Min Soo

Hyun Woo from Korea

Hyun Woo1

"I am enjoying my time in New Zealand. New Zealand is very quiet compared to Korea where it is always busy. I have made some good friends at Somerville Intermediate. We play a variety of PE games and the games are so much fun. We also do Hard Materials and Food Technology which we do not do in Korea. After school I go to Boy Scouts, piano lessons and I also play tennis. I am having such a good time in New Zealand that now I don't want to go home."

- Hyun Wo

Azul from Mexico


"I have come to New Zealand from Mexico. I have really enjoyed my time here at Somerville. I have loved being able to share and improve my dance talents while here at school. I have been given the opportunity to perform in front of the school. I have made so many new friends and I would love to stay a lot longer. Somerville is much bigger, it has large fields, playground and provides a variety of different subjects compared to my school in Mexico. After school I go to dance classes, go to the local park with my friends and their families. New Zealand also is a much safer country to live in."

- Azul

Ming Yang (Sam) from China

Ming Yang Sam1

"New Zealand is very beautiful and is a great place to live. It is clean and safe. I have found it really easy to make friends at Somerville intermediate School. The teachers are all very kind and friendly. I like doing sport, drawing and I love music. I did the South Eastern Zone Orienteering and I was involved in the Syndicate B's Assembly dance group."

- Sam