We are proud to introduce our new website to you. As this is a very complex site with over 100 pages we thought it might be helpful to point out some key areas.

To make it easy for you please choose the right entry point for yourself

For current students and parents / caregivers

Communication is the key to keep on top of all the events taking place in the school. In our >> What's on section where we keep you up to date with 'current affairs' of the school.


As a parent / caregiver you will receive a school newsletter every 2 weeks. Please let us know if you do not receive the newsletter and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You find an >> Archive of newsletters that have been sent out in case you would like to look something up.


We have a busy calendar ahead of us with lots of exciting events, some of them you would like to be part of.

Tip for busy parents: In our >> Events section you can now add a listed event straight to your calendar on your computer by using "Save to cal" next to each event title.

Every day Information

To get familiar with the day to day running of the school and the expectations of the school we have some practical pages:


If your child is anything like most children, who do not talk a lot about their day and what happened at class, this section is full with information about our programmes and different activities we offer for students.  >> Explore Programmes

Year 7 and Year 8 information

All syndicates are introduced, with staff and their intended learning programme for the year. Take a closer look at the ALJs of each syndicate, as the "Authentic Learning Journeys" will be an important part of your child's learning throughout the year.

If you have just started Somerville as a year 7 student you can look forward to camp.

Find >> camp information here

>> Year Seven section

>> Year Eight section


All that is left to say now is happy browsing, enjoy Somerville!