Over the course of this week, our Somerville Intermediate gymnasium has been host to the Howick and Pakuranga Dance Festival. 

Our students performed on Monday and Tuesday nights this week.  These two nights were expertly run and organised by Kirsten Bell and her team from Cockle Bay School.  


This year the festival had a theme of "TV", with each group having to perform a dance to the theme music from a TV show.  Our students performed in two groups. Firstly a group run and choreographed by Mrs Anderson to song Red Right Hand from the TV show Peaky Blinders.  The students had amazing costumes and their performance was original and dynamic, with all dancers looking polished and confident.  The second dance was organised by Mrs Ready who had choreographic assistance from Alex Ready and Lilly Grieg. They used the theme from the TV show Mission Impossible and the dancers succeeded in using both dance, gymnastic, and acting skills to weave a story of criminals and secret agents on stage.


Well done to all our amazing dancers on another fantastic year at the Howick and Pakuranga Dance Festival.