Syndicate Members

Room 31: Nesan Naidoo (Lead Teacher)

Room 28: Vanessa Hancock

Room 29: Nicola Wilson

Room 30: Jean Goodhall

Syndicate Goal

Our goal is to develop our syndicate into honest, accountable and responsible students who take ownership of their own learning by taking on risks and challenging themselves. They need to realise that "Success of life doesn't have a clear destination, but, it's a non-ending journey. "

ALJ Synopsis

Is success a journey or a destination?

If you ask anyone whether they want to succeed in their life, the most common answer would be "Yes". The next questions would be, "What is Success?, How to define it?". In simpler terms, success is the achievement of something that you intend. For some people success means achieving whatever they dream. For many it is the name, fame, ego, power, social acceptance and money.


We all are big dreamers. We grow with various dreams. Some of them would have come true and some won't. We have failed many times while achieving our dreams but should we give up? Obviously you wouldn't. Therefore, never regret failing during life. We should be positive and try hard to achieve success in life.


Our fertile question reads "Is Success is a Journey, or a Destination". What is the difference between a journey and a destination? Are they alike or differ?


We could simply differentiate destination as a narrower path compared to journey. The main feature of a destination is that it has a pre-defined end point. But do we have something like that in our lives?. We set a goal in our lives and strive to achieve it. This is the destination. Then comes the question, What will we do after that? Are we done?....... Obviously we will set another goal, which is harder to achieve and has more value than the previous one. Now our destination changes and we begin to walk in another path. We continue to set goals and strive to achieve them.

Therefore, no one in the world could predict exactly what they want in their lives. So, that's why I think " Success of life doesn't have a clear destination, but, it's a non-ending journey.