Syndicate Teachers

Room 11:  Mike Dibben (Lead Teacher)

Room 12:  Annabel Thorne

Room 13:  Chia Mhawish

Room 14:  Tina McKenzie

Syndicate Goal

For students to grow as reflective, engaged, curious and successful learners.

Syndicate ALJ

Are we standing on the shoulders of giants?

The rationale behind this fertile question is the whole concept of reflection, questioning, curiosity and innovation. It requires pupils to ponder on the past in order to make sense of the present. It requires them to take a look at their lives and realise that they need to plan for future success. It looks at the lives of others and encourages students to explore what is it that has made these people successful. One of the most important skills we can equip our students with is the skill of being able to formulate great questions. Whether these questions clarify, inquire, gather information or reflect we want to develop learners who can be self determined critical thinkers.