Syndicate Members

Room 7:  Lonaye King (Lead Teacher) 

Room 8: Jon McPhail

Room 17: Chris Appleton

Room 18: Rosy de Souza

 Syndicate Goal

As a year 8 syndicate at Somerville Intermediate our vision is...

  • To reinforce the Somerville virtues into the children
  • Continue to develop and support the school wide focus on the Key Competencies
  • Incorporate SOLO taxonomy into all aspects of teaching and assessment
  • Continue to incorporate IT in all areas of the curriculum
  • To develop a family community within the syndicate utilising our environment in the street environment
  • Having an open door policy within the syndicate classes

ALJ Synopsis

How do we stand up, speak up and be heard?

As a syndicate we looked carefully at the students ALJ from 2017. We then surveyed them and used some of what they are interested in and what we are interested in to come up with this fertile question. A lot of the world we live in is all about issues and taking action. So as students move onto college and in a world that is ever changing, we feel this question will help us empower our students to stand up, speak up and be heard. We will be starting the year with a focus on WW1 and the Commonwealth Games.