The Somerville Pledge, a statement designed by our students, aims to foster attitudes, virtues and conduct Somerville students themselves believe are appropriate, and which best capture what Somerville Intermediate is all about. It is intended to guide behaviour and support students to show the kinds of actions and attitudes that promote personal development, learning and social responsibility. The Somerville pledge is based upon the following five ethical statements:

Ethical Statements


At Somerville we strive towards excellence in every area of school life by being organised, committed, hard working and the very best we can be.


At Somerville we persevere through challenges by being reflective, honest and seeking the support and guidance of others.


At Somerville we strive to apply a positive attitude to all that we do or undertake and look for opportunities to support and encourage others.


At Somerville we conduct ourselves with integrity and always act in a way that honours ourselves and others.


At Somerville we respect ourselves, others, the environment and the right to learn.



We intend for these statements to form the basis for a discussion between parents/caregivers and students and to focus everyone on the values that Somerville Intermediate students will strive to achieve. The document is a pledge (declaration) that each student, with the support of parents/caregivers and school staff, will aspire to uphold and achieve our school motto of being "the best you can be".