Welcome to Somerville Intermediate

talented news 2I hope your association with the school will be a happy one.

Somerville Intermediate is a co-educational intermediate school catering for students in their seventh and eighth years of schooling. We are a large, vibrant school with high expectations about student learning and behaviour.


These years are an important period in the school life of students as they move from the "generalist" primary system to the more specialised secondary school system. Students are also going through significant physical, emotional, intellectual and moral development.


The intermediate school system focuses on the particular needs of students at this stage of their development and is designed to meet those needs.

Our aim at Somerville is to guide each student to reach his/her full potential to ensure good self esteem and the ability to understand, accept and value others. Through a carefully designed curriculum, we will encourage students to be capable, self assured and self directed life long learners.


The well being and education of students at Somerville is a partnership between school and home, a responsibility which we recognise can only be achieved through the close interaction of parents and teachers. Discussion with parents about childrens' progress and development, as well as any problem which may emerge, is encouraged. Parents should feel free to phone or come to school to discuss any matter considered important.


Interviews can be arranged through the school office.


David M Ellery
MEdAdmin(Hons) BA DipEd Dip Tchg ACIS